NUA5-502 Communication Diary - Ages 2 to 5 Years (Matte Cover)

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Early Steps Record - Communication Diary, Childminder Diary, Nursery Diary. Staff and parents working in partnership.

Early Steps Record to maintain records and communication between the early years setting, nursery/childminder and Parents.

Two A5 matte diaries, 80 pages, 270gsm for ages 0 to 2.5 and 2 to 5 years old.

Easy to use and provides:

  • Daily record of the child’s well-being between home and school
  • Summary of valuable information about the child
  • Day to day monitoring of progress and development
  • Record of key activities during the day
  • Reference to the seven EYFS goals to meet individual needs
  • Summary Record of Learning
  • Communication notes that builds trust and confidence

The 0 to 2 diary includes:

  •          Food records.
  •          Sleep/Nap record.
  •          Child’s highlights and activities
  •          Parent communication notes.
  •          Nursery/Childminder communication notes and
  •          EYFS goals record.

             Maintaining communication, trust and confidence


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